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My name is Pavel Čech, I was born in 1968 in the town of Brno.

I became a machine fitter and for five years I had repaired machines
in a big engineering plant, later I worked as a fireman.

Since 2004 I have been a free-lance painter.
I am married and have two sons.

I like overgrown gardens, view of the starry sky, butterflies
and beatles, good-hearted people, the smell of pine woods
and wild apples, tramping, flaking walls, indians, kite running,
books by Michal Ajvaz, rusty keys, old cinemas, clear water,
secrets... and I am trying to put it on the canvas
or write and paint books about it.

telefon: 530 318 550
             605 963 806
e-mail: pavel_cech [zavináč]

Some of my books was awarded with a prize:
„Mystery of the island outside the board-fence“ - Muriel award for the best comics book of year 2009
„Grandfathers“ - Muriel prize of the year 2011
„The Great Adventure of Pepík Střecha“ - Muriel award of the year 2012 and Magnesia Litera award of the year 2013
„Adventures of the Fast Squirell“ - Golden Ribbon and Librarians of Childrens Libraries award SKIP 2013